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Combative Carbine 101


-Quality semi-automatic rifle of students choice

-Quality handgun of the students choice

-200 factory loaded rounds for rifle

-50 factory loaded rounds for handgun

-One spare rifle magazine minimum

-Hearing protection

-Eye protection

-Notepad and pencil


-Bug spray and UV protectant

Cost - $200

Schedule - TBA  [Click here for Course Schedule]

In this four hour course you will receive instruction in the basics of firearm safety, rifle manipulation, reloading, and multiple firing positions. This is a fast paced, intensive class designed for the novice shooter or new gun owner, delivering a large amount of information in a short time. We begin with basic firearms safety and rapidly move to basic operation of your chosen rifle platform. Whether you prefer an AR or an AK, we will teach you the most efficient techniques for that particular rifle. Next we will teach you several basic drills that will enhance your ability to use your rifle to engage both single and multiple targets. We wrap our 4 hour course with drills that involve shooting on the move, familiarizing you with techniques designed to increase your accuracy in a stressful shooting situation.

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