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Chaos Medicine


-Notepad and pencil

Cost - $150

Schedule - 1/22/2017 - 9am - 1pm

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This four hour class is a combination of 1st aid, wilderness EMT and combat medic training all rolled into one. Taken from real world experience and the most currently accepted practices for immediate action medical, we mashed that together with remote and austere medical care procedures and combat lifesaver training.

ABCs, and trauma priorities


Scene security


Gunshot wounds


Hemorrhage control


Blast injuries




Orthopedic injuries


Traumatic amputations


Airway management


Patient care and packaging for transportation


Infection control


The student will get hands on practice on the latest techniques and supplies and equipment. Those techniques will be pressure tested, giving the student the confidence to make the right call and save lives and limbs when seconds count.

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