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Team Building


-An Open Mind

-Comfortable clothes and shoes


-Rain Gear

-Note pad and pen

-Bring your own gun and ammo if you want

The Mastiff Team Building course is a highly specialized, customized experience, based on client needs, discovered through an intake process evaluated by professional team development experts and instructor cadre.  It is designed for small teams that want to improve communication, trust, decision making under pressure and problem solving.


The basic class platform is an INTENSE one day training evolution combining half a day of live fire on the range with half a day of force-on -force room clearing (SWAT tactics) using high end airsoft guns and protective gear.


After a safety briefing and becoming familiar with their guns, team members learn how to work together in small teams of 2-4 people to solve complex, fast moving tactical problems in a chaotic environment. Task loading amps up the stress pushing the learning tempo.


From the range we caravan to the indoor training area where the team members learn how to clear a multi-room structure, using coordinated fire and movement and solid teamwork, communication and problem solving to get the job done.


The course can be HIGHLY modified depending on the capabilities, background and experience of the team being developed. We can ramp it up or slow it down. Add low light, or smoke, advanced aggressive role players, medical scenarios, panic, chaos. Modules can be added or bolted on that enhance the team building experience. The VIP/Executive Protection (secret service) is just one option.


Course Fees Vary depending on size, intensity, location, support needs etc., but generally you can expect to spend between $500 to $750 per participant for the day. All guns, ammo, range fees, safety gear and instructors and role players are provided in the fee.  

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Please use this form to sign up for this class.  Be sure to use a valid email address so you can be contacted with any additional class information.  All class fees are due upon arrival, cash or check accepted.

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