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Adam Fruchey


Adam is our precision rifle instructor as well as an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor with years of experience behind the trigger as a hunter, a soldier, a student and an instructor.


Adam served in Iraq in 2003 as an Army Reserve Combat Engineer. He’s a lifelong outdoorsman who enjoys traveling on hunting and fishing trips in Ontario, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, and his home state of Indiana. He continues to train and has completed wilderness survival courses with WETSU, and The Pathfinder School as well as about every course Mastiff offers. Occasionally he rolls at Team Lockout.


As a part of ethical hunting practices he has developed a passion for precision shooting and enjoys the challenge of being able to hit targets at distances out to 1,000 yards. He comes from a long family line of school teachers and it comes natural for him to pass on his knowledge of safe gun handling along with the more technical aspects of long range shooting to his students.


Adam has developed a Precision Rifle 101(PR101) course that lays out the fundamentals to get people started on the journey of precision marksmanship. While he could set anyone behind a rifle that’s already assembled and sighted in for 1,000 yards and have them get hits, the goal of this class is that students learn how to get themselves set up so they can learn what it takes to make hits out to 400 yards. In Precision Rifle 201, students build on their knowledge and learn how to consistently hit targets out to 1000 yards. Adam is life long student of Precision Marksmanship.

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