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Russ Kolkman

Russ Kolkman is the managing director of Mastiff Protection. As such he is the head bottle washer, bill payor, director of training, goat herder and sometimes visionary.  

Russ is an NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle instructor, as well as Personal Protection Inside The Home and Personal Protection Outside The Home instructor. He has studied and trained in everything from empty hand skills to leading a high risk security team. Russ has received training from some of the best in the industry including Tactical Response, Southnarc, SOLO, and Paul Gomez to name a few.

While he can hold his own as a shooter, his primary area of expertise is in wilderness survival, teaching people to fight and survive in some of the most austere and remote places in the world.


NRA Certified Pistol
NRA Certified Rifle
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
NRA Range Safety Officer

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